Quality Surveying Services

We have a highly trained and qualified staff as estimators to take charge of your estimate and to ensure precise measurements of your roofs with very moderate and affordable cost components.

On-site Installation

One competitive advantage is the professionalism with which our installers are able to install your roof as it constitutes a major part of the aesthetics of your building and also to suite your comfort. With our installers, leakages are a thing of the past and precision is our triumph card.



Lead Time

We deliver within thirty minutes from the time the order is placed and we are very efficient in our supply chain process to suite you expectation.




We offer free delivery within the Kumasi metropolis and charge a little amount extra for the delivery of long span roofing systems outside the metropolis.

Customer Service

Every employee is a marketing oriented person and you therefore assured proper introduction to our products whiles in our premise since we speak the same language.

Where to buy

You can purchase Donyma Steel products from hardware shops in Kumasi.